DON CARLOS “Alone” | 12″ Official Reissue | March 21st, 2016

“Alone” by Don Carlos is definitely a record that doesn’t need any introduction.
Originally released in 1991, this is one of the most representative tracks of the early 90’s italian house music scene.
This official repress comes for the 25th anniversary of the first release, in its original format from the original mastertapes, with the permission of all rights holders.

If you’re not aware of this seminal track, now is the time to get acquainted.

Written by L.Martegani, F.Bertin
Produced by Don Carlos, (P) 1991 IRMA Records
Published by Music Market S.I.A.E.
Licensed courtesy of IRMA Records
Official Reissue Groovin Recordings 2016
Distribution by Vinylbrokers

A1 Alone (Paradise) 5:45
A2 Alone (Flute House) 4:05
B Alone (Sax Ambient) 5:45